Having served a host of homeowners in the Los Angeles area, we have competently delivered on a range of projects. We are adept at using new, state-of-the-art technology to troubleshoot and conduct tests on your home to ensure that it complies with the safety codes and requirements of the state of California.

We have honed our skills over the years working on several electrical projects. We have worked on a host of projects, from wiring to lighting, to installation of components in the home. Whatever you need to be done, we can help you with it.

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Inspections are just as crucial as the installation itself. Sometimes, an installation looks good but key components are not in place. Also, proper evaluation of your energy consumption is important to help you reduce your monthly bill payments.

We know how annoying it is when your light goes out and you’re unable to reach a professional to help you figure things out. This shouldn’t be your cue to take matters into your hands, electrical repairs are meant to be carried out only by professionals. Whenever you want your electrical work done, you can always contact us to make your home as safe as possible.

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There’s only one priority when it comes to electrical services and that is ensuring the safety of your home. We do not take any chances with the service we provide; whether it is the use of quality wires with the correct dimensions, or using appliances with the correct rating, our goal is to keep you and your loved ones safe.

If quality is what you desire, you have every reason to hire us for your repairs, new installation, as well as regular maintenance. We have years of experience providing electrical services to homes all around Los Angeles. We are licensed and qualified to take care of the wiring needs in your residential apartment.

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· Electrical work for home remodeling
· Electrical panel upgrade
· Interior and exterior lighting upgrade
· Energy audit
· Electrical maintenance
· Electrical repairs
· Ceiling fan installation
· Pool, spa, and hot tub wiring
· Circuit breaker replacement
· Lighting controls
and more!

Contact us today to help you with the electrical services of your home and we’ll arrange to give you the best service possible.

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