The floor of your home is, perhaps, the most important part of your house. It dictates the tempo and décor in any space and it definitely impacts the resale value of your home. Installing a new floor in your home can be overwhelming, if not inundating. But Best Remodeling Solution is here to help you make the choice. We discuss three popular flooring materials and go over their pros and cons.

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Floors made of hardwood are among the most beautiful when it comes to aesthetics. They are made from solid planks of timber and this gives you the durability and reliability that is concomitant with wood. However, this kind of floor is not for everyone.

Hardwood is one of the most cost-effective options for flooring projects. If you’re looking to get your floor renovated on a budget, this is the top choice. Also, hardwood floors are generally easier to maintain than other similar materials.

Water is the number one spoiler for this type of floor. Most families with kids aren’t going to opt for this floor. Another thing you have to consider is that pets can be destructive to this kind of floor. The scratching and dents can be difficult to repair.

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The process of creating flexible sheets of vinyl from polyvinyl chloride plastic (PVC) is one that is very involved and complex. However, it is easy to admire and appreciate vinyl flooring in homes today. Vinyl is also very affordable, reliable, and the installation process is not as complicated.

Just like we mentioned above, vinyl is extremely affordable to install. Unlike wood, this material is engineered to resist scratches and dents. Good news for your pets as vinyl floors are resistant to water! Most importantly, vinyl floors are very easy to maintain and clean.

One thing to consider about vinyl is that it cannot be repaired. If there’s damage to it, you might need to completely redesign it. It is also not as durable, in terms of life span, like wooden floors. Finally, vinyl is not easily recyclable.

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Carpets are floor options that have been in circulation for a while now, however, it has gradually declined in popularity in recent years. Carpet is loved by homeowners who need to make a statement with their interior décor and it is sure to make the house more cozy and admirable.

Do you have a multifamily home and you’re looking for a soundproof floor? Carpet is the best option for this as it has excellent sound insulation. Carpet is also warm and soft on your feet, especially during warmer climates. It is also excellent for improving the value of your home.

Unfortunately, carpets can harbor dust mites, ants, and other insects. This can be prevented by getting the carpet vacuumed regularly. Carpet is also not forgiving of stains and foul smells. The final straw for most homeowners is that carpets can be extremely high to maintain.

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