For a long time, homeowners and home renovation experts have turned to stucco textures to help with creating a myriad of finishes in the home. Some textures have a smooth, silky finish which gives a classic look. Other textures can provide that sandy, rugged look and make your house feel more modern and trendier.

Whichever style you prefer, Best Remodeling Solution is well-equipped to help you renovate your living space with unique stucco texture coating. We know how overwhelming it can get when you have to personally navigate the many textures available to you. This is why we are providing you with some of the popular textures you can choose from. Go through the list and decide if any coating speaks out to you.

Unique Texture Coating


As the name implies, it is smooth and very customizable. For a smooth texture, you can either choose traditional stucco or synthetic stucco for the finish. It is important to note, however, that this finish is more difficult to patch and is more vulnerable to cracking.

Sand/Float Finishes - A very basic finish that you must’ve seen in several houses today. The reason for its widespread popularity is because of how versatile it is. It is also quite easy to maintain and patch if done properly.

Swirl Finishes - This type of finish is no longer as common in homes today, however, it is still an interesting work of art to gaze upon. It is typically achieved using acrylic stucco with some special aggregates which helps to give it that swirl texture.

Ask Us About Sand and Float Finishes


The main component in an acrylic stucco is the acrylic resin which can be described as a high-quality paint with sand in it. Synthetic stucco costs almost $50 for a 5-gallon bucket. This bucket is good to cover between 100 and 250 sq. ft. depending on the texture.

Synthetic stucco can also give a wide range of finishes, smooth, rough, sandy, etc. One advantage of acrylic finish is the color. There’s no variation in color and the color is usually very rich and vivacious. Acrylic stucco is also water resistant.

Traditional and Modern Finishes


This is also referred to as cement stucco or hard coat finish because it is made out of cement, sand, and lime. Compared to the synthetic stucco, traditional stucco is much cheaper. A 90 lb. bag sells for $10 to $15 and this quantity can cover between 120 and 200 sq. ft.

With the right quantity and size of sand, you can achieve a wide range of textures. We can give your house a smooth finish, a rough finish, or something in-between. Experience has shown that lighter colors are preferred for this texture as the cement renders the coloring dull and inconsistent.

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