The feeling you get when you’ve been a part of the planning and design of swimming pools for several years now is one of pride and accomplishment. It has been a period of making dreams come true, as well as learning how to better coordinate pool design and construction. Without a doubt, we can categorically say that we are well equipped to build you the pool of your dreams.

If you’re considering getting a pool design and construction service, there’s a good chance that you already have a structure in place that can hold water. While this is the major requirement, it is also important to have a space allocated for constant water treatment. The water needs to be treated constantly because of the sweat, urea, and other waste products that might get into the pool.

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The classification of swimming pools depends on the materials used for installation. They include;
1. Reinforced concrete
2. Galvanized steel wall panels
3. Expanded polystyrene formwork
4. Fiberglass

The most common shape swimming pools take is a rectangular shape, although it could take another form. Usually, the minimum depth for swimming is 1.20 meters.

As regards the depth, we also have a couple of options that can be considered. The classification of swimming pools can also be based on the shape of the depth. They are as follows;
· Flat - This is when both ends of the pool have the same level of depth.
· Sloped - If the floor of the pool progressively declines at a steady rate, then it is said to be sloped.
· Spooned - A spooned shape is usually adopted to give the best depth for diving. It is designed to the first slope and then appears to be sinking, taking the shape of a spoon.
· U-Shaped - This is a shape whereby the center of the pool is the deepest.

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We ensure that the pools we build have the utmost safety and satisfactory hygienic conditions. This is done without compromising on beauty. Hence, we offer several cladding options. These options include;
· Reinforced PVC
· Preformed liner
· Ceramic
· Mosaic
· Paint coating
· Glass fiber
· Natural stone
and more!

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The cost of constructing a pool is one factor that often deters families from having a nice pool in their living space, however, it ought not to be so. We are experts at helping you come up with a feasible, realistic budget by identifying primary cost drivers. The first consideration is the structural, hydraulic, and mechanical design components.

Secondly, it is worthwhile to note that filtration and chemical treatment systems need to be put in place and this further impacts the cost. Considering all these, the cost of installing a swimming pool varies widely. You can contact us to get an exact estimate today.

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