Landscapes are fun and exciting!!! The beauty of looking out of your home into a nice, warm expanse of green space is calming and soothing. Landscapes are often loved by homeowners who appreciate the aesthetics of nature. You can also remodel your backyard if you have certain defects in the topography of the land that you wish to mask.

The wide variety of designs available makes it difficult for you to come up with an excuse because there’s something for everyone. Do you want plants and grass? Perhaps you’re entranced by rocks and stones? We have the right answer to your landscaping questions.

Transform The Looks Of Your Home


Mediterranean - We can transform your house into a coastal vacation home in the Mediterranean with this design. We would normally include terra cotta, fountains, columns, and bocce balls to achieve that warm, inviting, relaxing feel.

Country - This style comes from houses in old England and has featured prominently in homes today. If you’re a lover of flowers and plant, trust us to give your house that rustic, serene feel with greenery. Picket fencing, stones, as well as cast iron also feature in this design.

Modern - With a modern landscape, we draw the attention to the structures instead of the plants. This design relies heavily on wood, metal and concrete and the natural greenery is a compliment to the overall look.

Landscaping Design and Construction


An artificial turf, also popularly known as fake grass, comprises filaments that are threaded into a drainage layer filled with sand or crumb rubber. The filament is made of either nylon, polyethylene, or polypropylene and they are often colored artificially to project a more natural look.

In essence, an artificial turf is installed in your backyard to make it seem like you have a well-trimmed grass lawn all day, all year. The grass is synthetic and this means it doesn’t become overgrown, it doesn’t require watering or manure, and it is always looking pristine.

Low Cost Artificial Turf Installation


The question that comes next is usually relating to cost; how much does an artificial turf cost? How long does it take to break even? These are all important questions that should be asked before you start an artificial turf installation project.

The advantage of an artificial turf is in the eliminated annual maintenance cost. Watering, fertilizing, and gardening costs for natural landscaping can amount to almost $1500 yearly. With this in mind, the family that chose the artificial turf will break even within 8 years and basically enjoy their lawn for free.

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