No matter how beautiful the exterior of your home looks, a bad roof is all you need to ruin the whole outlook. Even though roofs sometimes go unnoticed, it is undoubtedly the most important piece of a building. Our goal is not just to give you a roof that is functional, we also want to build a long lasting roof for your home.

New roof installations can be tough, especially when you do not have an idea of how the process works. It can also seem overwhelming when you consider the amount of information you need to process. The good news is that we’re here to help you every step of the way. With our unique, personalized roofing installation experience, you’ll never have to worry about new roofs again.

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Is your roof due for repair? Have you been saving towards a new roof? Do you want to change your roof for the sake of improving the value of your home? These are signs that you need to hire a competent professional company to help you with roofing remodeling. We are experts in the field of roof remodeling with several years of experience. There’s no one better qualified to help you remodel your roof than us.

Even though homeowners in the US spend millions of dollars yearly on roofing installation, the true reason why roofs cost a lot has to do with the way the roof is being maintained. With the wealth of experience we have dealing with roofing issues, we can confidently give you tips on how to prolong the life of your roof.

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Usually, your roof traps gas as water vapor and this occurs in the piles and the insulation used on the roof. This trapped vapor then escapes when the roof experiences irradiation and what we have left is just an empty hole in the roof. The constant expansion of the trapped gas causes an increase in pressure which then causes blistering of the roof.

To ensure that your roof doesn’t experience this, it is best to get rid of any source or form of moisture in the piles while installing the roof. The way by which we achieve this is by applying a damp substrate which acts to absorb existing moisture. By doing this, we are sure that your roof withstands any weather condition that is to come.

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Split Roofs - This occurs as a result of the constant expansion and contraction of the metallic materials used for roofing. The membranes covering the metal are usually made of asphalt or coal tar and these aren’t as flexible so when your roof is constantly being expanded and contracted, splitting is bound to happen.

The solution to this is to use single-ply membranes. These membranes perfectly model the heating characteristic of the metal in use and they are not susceptible to breakage or splitting even in the most adverse weather condition.

Wrinkled Roofs- Just like in humans, when roofs are aged and stressed, they are bound to experience wrinkles. The easy solution we offer to this is to ensure that only top-notch quality materials are used for your roofing installation. We use materials that you can be proud of to prevent wrinkled roof.

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