Are you tired of your living space? Do you feel like you’re constantly squeezing through rooms? Are you expecting a new addition to your family (congratulations!)? These are all indicators that you need more space in a house, however, it can be tough to achieve this without moving out of your current home. This is where room addition becomes mandatory.

We specialize in drafting custom room addition, residential new construction, and 3D design services in Los Angeles, California. Our aim is to get detailed information on your reasons for adding a new room and then walking with you along every step of the way to deliver improvements to your home. Our room addition service is custom, unique, and tailored to your needs. No two spaces look the same.

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Adding Rooms Outward - If you have enough adjoining space, you should definitely consider building outward. There’s no doubt that this option is one of the most expensive, however, it is also the option that offers the most return on investment. When you analyze the time, effort, and financial investment that goes into building outward, you realize that it is not worth doing a shabby job over. Our experience in residential construction is why homeowners trust us with room additions.

Adding Layers to Existing Buildings - Another way by which you can add a new room is to build upward. If you are a lover of story buildings and the extra space it gives, then you should definitely consider this option. The major obstacle to this form of room addition is the existing law against story buildings in certain areas. Ensure that you check and confirm that this form of expansion is allowed in your neighborhood before embarking on a project.

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Basement Conversions - Over the past few years, we have seen new houses being built without basements because the demand for a basement is gradually waning. For older houses with a basement, it is possible to convert your basement into an additional room that might come in handy to serve guests or family members. This is a room addition project that is not as capital intensive as the aforementioned projects.

Garage Conversions - This is a new trend that is proving to be both functional and effective. For homeowners who need extra storage space, libraries, or even offices, converting a garage to such a room would be a great idea!

Adding Extra Space Doesn't Have To Be Expensive


We understand how difficult it might be sometimes for you to visualize how the room addition pans out. As detailed as a conventional 2D design is, it might still prove ineffective for homeowners. This is why 3D rendering services are ideal when executing room addition. This way, you can instantly envision the new project, voice your concerns, and get detailed feedback along the way.

Our dedicated and experienced team of interior and 3D designers will help you find the perfect solution to your existing space and ways you can improve it without spending a fortune.

There’s no rule that says room addition must be stressful and costly. Contact us today to find out how you can make your room addition project a success without going bankrupt.

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